Washed/Wet process - natural coffee 

Natural Coffee - Wet ProcessOrganic Coffee - Wet Process
"Washed Coffee" or "Wet Process" refers to a processing method where freshly picked coffee "cherries" are "de-pulped" to have their outer skin removed and the beans are then placed in "fermentation tanks" where the sticky fruit (mucilage) is broken down by fermentation.
This mucilage is then removed through washing and/or friction and the clean coffee seeds are ready to be dried.
Washed organic coffee generally has clean, bright acidity with good clarity and sweetness. 

Natural/Dry process - organic coffee

Fresh Coffee - Dry Process
Natural/Dry process coffees are simply coffee cherries that are picked ripe (hopefully) and allowed to dry before the fruit is removed. The prolonged contact between the pulp and the seed produces flavors of ripe fruit (blueberry, strawberry, coffee cherry) which, when done well are exotic, intriguing and delicious but when done poorly can  taste fermented.